Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a piercer?

A. We do not currently have a piercer. However, we might in the future


What you will need
Antibacterial Dial Soap (orange)
Fragrance Free Curel Lotion
Tattoo Aftercare
Leave bandage on for a few hours. After removal, wash really good twice with Dial Soap and warm water. (hand wash, pat dry) Leave uncovered from then on. Following morning and for dext 2 days, wash 2 x a day. Starting the 3rd day, and for the next 2 weeks, wash once a day an apply a “tin” layer of fragrance free Curel lotion 2-3 x a day.
What To Avoid
No washing with rag
No swimming, hot tubs, or tanning until fully healed. (2-3 weeks)
No ointments (A&D, stuff like that)
No lotion until the 3rd day